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A new event in Bordeaux: Bordeaux So Good
A new event in Bordeaux: Bordeaux So Good

The Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry –in conjunction with the Town Hall, the Bordeaux Urban Community, and the Aquitaine Regional Council – is creating a new event in Bordeaux:"Bordeaux S.O GOOD!", a festival devoted to gastronomy and the art of living, which will take place for the first time from Friday, 28 November to Sunday 30 November 2014.

Festive, educational, cultural, artistic and commercial, this event will be held in various key locations in Bordeaux to highlight gastronomic specialities and culinary expertise in southwest France,as well as local artistic talent and culture.

Thanks to an eclectic 3-day program, this happening targets gourmets from all walks of life – young people, families,couples, senior citizens, etc. 

Costing a modest amount, a "GourmetPass" will enable holders to take part in:

-  Various activities such as tastings, exhibitions, demonstrations, wine workshops, and performances.

-  Highlights: discovering a Bordeaux market, shows, the Bordeaux S.O GOOD competition, the 12 hours of gourmet cinema, themed banquets, etc.)


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