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A new wine tour by Millesima
A new wine tour by Millesima

This summer, Millésima is launching a new option called “Millésima W1ne Hour” for people visiting Bordeaux who want to learn about the wine trade and discover the art of wine tasting.

Available from July to September, this enables visitors to see the role played by Bordeaux négociants, to tour a two-hundred year-old cellar, and to take an introductory course in wine tasting.

"Millésima W1ne Hour" includes:

-      A guided tour of the cellars

-      Tasting of 2 fine Bordeaux wines

-      A visit of the private cellar and the boutique, which can ship wines all over Europe and the rest of the world. 

Price : 25€/Person

Duration : 1 hour

Languages : French-English

Booking online http://event.millesima.fr (Schedule with availability online).


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