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Bordeaux Excellence / Mauriac Voyages becomes a Virtuoso On-site
Bordeaux Excellence / Mauriac Voyages becomes a Virtuoso On-site

Bordeaux Excellence has become a member of Virtuoso !. With more than 8,900 elite travel specialists associated with more than 335 agencies in 25 countries, Virtuoso is the world's most exclusive network of travel advisors. So exclusive, in fact, that only 1% of all travel agencies are invited to join.

In short, Bordeaux Excellence, as a Virtuoso On-site offers :

  • A "friend" on the ground to assist both travel advisors and their clients 24/7
  • Exclusive, custom-designed experiences in locales around the world
  • Behind-the-scenes access to special venues, people and places that your clients can't find on the Internet
  • The ability to treat your clients to inspiring, personally enriching experiences, such as hands-on learning tours focused on food and wine, art and culture, adventure and nature, and local cultures and religions
  • A range of services in their appointed destinations - from securing unique accommodations to arranging private sightseeing, transfers, air and yacht charters, adventures, and behind-the-scenes access to museums, galleries, and events

Visuel Bordeaux Excellence

Upcoming event in June 2015 :

Unique stunning event on June 22 at the Opera House of Bordeaux : private visit of the backstage of the Opera followed by a dinner with classical music performance by the Opera orchestra on the “Terrasse des Muses”(roof of the Opera)

Limited number of seats

For all bookings, please contact Ms Madeleine Marchand

Bordeaux Excellence / Mauriac Voyages

24 rue Latour

33000 Bordeaux

Tel : +335 56 44 27 68

Mail : mmarchand@see-travel.com

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