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Grand Hotel of Bordeaux rebranded as “Intercontinental”
Grand Hotel of Bordeaux rebranded as “Intercontinental”

On the hotel frontage of Grand Hôtel of Bordeaux, a new brand gave effect to an agreement between the owner of this prestigious hotel, Michel Ohayon, and the Intercontinental hotel chain. The two signatories have committed themselves for a duration of 20 years and the Grand Hotel hence becomes the hotel chain’s fifth site in France.

Intercontinental is the Number 1 hotel chain worldwide in the luxury category and its flagship should boost occupancy rates of Grand Hôtel Bordeaux which will benefit from the prestige and aura of the international brand.

Other than a few changes brought to hotel rooms in order to meet Intercontinental standards of services and comfort, no major change will be made within Grand Hotel Bordeaux.

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