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To improve hospitality is the new objective of the city of Bordeaux
To improve hospitality is the new objective of the city of Bordeaux

Building global momentum around hospitality and the quality of welcome that French and foreign tourists receive: this is the objective of the French city of Bordeaux.

Hence, Bordeaux Chamber of Commerce and Industry encourages every professional who works in the tourism industry (hotels, restaurants, transport, museums …) or who has regular interaction with tourists (shops) to join its Thank You For Coming program. This operation mobilizes every link in the tourism chain and aims to improve the quality of welcome and service that tourists receive in Bordeaux. In return for commitment to a charter, it offers members a diverse range of tools which are meant to raise their awareness on hospitality and to advise them: pre-diagnostic with a visit from a mystery customer, themed information sheets, e-mailing and group information meetings. 

Today, Thank You For Coming has 650 members whose priority is to offer tourists a better welcome. You can find their location by clicking on this link.

Currently implemented in the centre of Bordeaux, this initiative will also be extended to professionals in Bassin d’Arcachon and Médoc.

On the same wavelength, La Ronde des Quartiers which is a traders’ association in central Bordeaux, has adopted a similar strategy. In the near future, it will deliver translation tools for traders together with a multilingual paper guide and for tourists thanks to a QR code which will redirect them to a linguistically adapted website.

Tourists will also be able to identify shops which are open to foreign visitors thanks to window stickers placed on shop windows. These stickers certify the efforts made by the professionals to facilitate interactions and understanding with foreign visitors of different nationalities.

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